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Kaffe Fassett fabric

To celebrate World Poetry Day on 21 March

Tricia brought in this poem by Michael Longley called "The Sunburst"

Her first memory is of light all around her

As she sits among pillows on a patchwork quilt

Made out of uniforms, coat linings, petticoats,

Waistcoats, flannel shirts, ball gowns, by Mother

or Grandmother, twenty stitches to every inch,

A flawless version of World without End or

Cathedral Window or a diamond pattern

That radiates from the smallest grey square

Until the sunburst fades into the calico.

Coming in April.......

4 April

Sit and Sew, Show and Tell

Plus Tricia is going to show us how she makes her continuous Prairie Points.  If you look in the Gallery you will see a picture of Tricia's Irish Chain quilt where she has edged it using this technique.  On a smaller scale this would be a good way of creating an unusual tray cloth.

18 April

Susan Lees - Free Motion Quilting demo

Susan is going to show us how she does free motion quilting - this is a fabulous chance for those of you who are nervous of the technique to have a look closely and practise under her guidance.


Sewing machine with a table extension if you have one
Free motion quilting foot or embroidery foot
Paper and pencil for doodling
Bright/high contrast thread
Fabric marker pen
Susan can provide calico and wadding if needed, but at least one quilt ‘sandwich’ is needed, 12” square, 18” is a useful size too

‘Supreme slider’, or a ‘sew slip’ sheet, but it is not essential

Machine needles Size 14/90

Quilting gloves (if you have them) or a piece of non-slip liner

See below for information about the Hawaiian Quilt Along

Hawaiian Quilt Along 2024

This is a bi-monthly class led by Rachelle and Chris Smith where you add to the quilt every other month and you will end up with a beautiful quilt involving some interesting techniques.  Do join in the fun and watch your creation grow throughout the year!  

Requirements list has been sent out so you can get your fabrics together and Part One has been rolled out.  If you need any of the instructions again please get in touch.

Part Two was launched on 21st March and you will all have had the cutting instructions etc emailed out to you. Again, you will have 2 months to complete Part 2.  Part 3 will be launched on 16th May.


If you would like to have a sale the cost of a table is £10 and you get to keep all the money you make (so you can buy more fabric......)!  If you only have a small amount to sell you could buddy up with a friend and pay £5 each.  Please see any member of the committee who will arrange a date to book you in at one of our "sit and sew" meetings.

Campden Quilters Shop

We have a wonderful quilters shop here at Campden Quilters where you can buy basics at a competitive price.  So if you break a needle, run out of thread, have a blunt rotary blade etc. etc. we can replace it for you!  Remember - Jenny also supplies 80-20 wadding 90" wide.  See home page for latest prices.

Jenny's Back to Basics Block of the Month 2022

Here are some of the completed Back To Basics quilts and we look forward to seeing more as 2023 progresses!

December 2023 : there is still one more BOM quilt to be finished!




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