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Kaffe Fassett fabric

Stretton on Fosse Jubilee Quilt

Christine Holyhead recently brought in her "Village Quilt" to show us and here is the story behind it in her own words.......

"In March 22 the village Facebook offered residents a chance to complete a wall hanging to commemorate Jubilee year. The milk man gave me some cash to start this. Fabric, of different rural colours, and all kit were provided so each could make a square of their own. Each person had the chance to rummage through boxes of scraps and stash to choose an appliqué piece if embroidery wasn’t easy for them.


Others came to my house to choose threads and discuss a working plan. Typically we spent more than an hour discussing. Then they made photos of their houses to trace and outline as we felt that if the structure was correctly proportioned details could be free hand.


It was clear that Jubilee day was an impossible target and some volunteered after seeing how the squares were progressing. My 2 cataract ops also halted our efforts as I felt hugely responsible for their work and providing encouragement. Several said that they hadn’t sewed since school but had, actually(!) enjoyed it.


Though given exact size papers of 6.5” many forgot and filled their 8” sample. Sewing together to create a recognisable map of Stretton wasn’t easy. I was saved by some who chose pictures that could be placed anywhere. I did reduce a couple of pictures where I felt necessary but I couldn’t trim any until I had a whole plan in my head and mathematically sorted. Also the depth of embroidery or fragility of their work caused me joining worries and I did strengthen the work of quite a few. I often despaired but was frequently encouraged throughout by Daphne Harris.


The wadding is pre-washed curtain wadding so can be very cool washed but I recommended a colour catcher at all times. The flags were to hide joins so I could halve my border purchase. It was difficult to find a suitable border colour. The dark binding is polyester so can be sponged clean easily.


The framing of the map was an afterthought that many approved of was only to fill the large grounds of the central manor house🤣. The large lettering was by Sizzix and caused me hours of worry, knowing no-one would comment at all if perfect, but would have plenty to say if not!


Everyone was pleased when unveiled on coronation day at a village tea. We have had a money offer to frame it but are awaiting new hall insulation. Meanwhile I put it up on a wooden rod for all village events. It is kept in its own rolled bag and villagers can always borrow it to show around. They are all asked to wash their hands before opening up for a 5’ display".

Well done we are very proud of you Christine!

Another delivery of quilts to The Linus Project

A few weeks ago our Linus quilts were collected by Carol, the Area Co-ordinator, and this is the picture and message she placed on the Facebook page of Project Linus UK North Gloucestershire:-

"10 wonderful quilts donated by the ladies from Chipping Campden Quilters.  Thank you so much ladies for your kindness and donation".

St James' Church, Chipping Campden,

Altar Frontals

Some months ago Evelyn was contacted by the Vicar of St James' Church to see if Campden Quilters were interested in helping to replace some of the altar frontals that are used for different seasons throughout the year.  She got together a small team of helpers and they created designs to suit 3 of the four seasons of the year.  The first of these designs, Autumn, by Evelyn, is now on display in the church until 1st November and is well worth a visit to see her wonderful needlework.  Jenny Stoner and Dolores Murray are also busy working on different seasons and we look forward to seeing their work displayed as the months move on.

Coming in September

On 7th September Christine Smith is going to continue her Draw and Stitch technique and a list of requirements is below:

21 September

Sit and Sew, Show and Tell

PAT testing

Bring your latest creations to show us all what you have been doing recently.

Also we will be PAT testing sewing machines and irons and our tester will check as many as he can on the 21st, with a follow up session on 19 October for those left.  No charge for this service which as you all know is a requirement of the Quilters Guild insurance that we have, and was recently supported by Chipping Campden Community Trust awarding us a grant to purchase the PAT testing equipment.

Also on 21 September there will be a sale of fabric, notions and equipment that was donated to our group by Yvonne from Shipston whose Mum has developed Alzheimer's and is sadly no longer able to quilt.  So there will be bargains galore all in aid of the very worthy charity, The Alzheimer's Society.

Please remember to bring CASH!

Coming in October.......

On 5th October

To get you in the mood for Christmas......

Tricia is going to demonstrate how she made her lovely Folk Art Tea Cosy together with her Christmas Stocking.

Feel free to make both these items or choose between them.  Requirements are listed for both below:-


Patchwork Christmas Stocking

Fabric remnants or scraps

  • 8 squares 11cm x 11cm
  • 6 rectangles 11cm x 19cm
  • 10 rectangles 11cm x 27cm
  • 2 rectangles 11cm x 35cm

Fabric for lining 45cm x 120cm

Thin wadding 45cm x 120cm

Plus matching or contrasting quilting thread

Plus matching or contrasting machine thread



Folk Art Christmas Tea Cosy

  • 2 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangles 10 ½ ins x 12 ½ ins for house front and back
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangles 6 ins x13 ½ ins for roofs and flower pots
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangle 6 ins x 13 ins for door frames and window frames
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangle 4 ins x 6 ins for door centres
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangle 5 ins x 7 ins for window centres and door arches
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangle 2 ½ ins x 12 ins for icicles
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangle 3 ins x 6 ins for leaves and shrubs
  • 1 felt or closely woven wool fabric rectangle 2 ins x 3 ins for flowers
  • 2 cotton print strips 1 in – ½ in x 8 ins for side binding
  • 2 cotton print strips 1- 1 ½ in x 12 ins for bottom binding
  • 2 cotton print strips 1 -1 ½ x 5 ins for roof binding
  • 1 cotton print strip 1 in - 1 ½ x 10 ins for top binding
  • 2 cotton rectangles 10 ½ ins x 12 ½ ins for lining
  • 2 rectangles wadding 10 ins x 12 ins
  • Embroidery threads
  • Matching or contrasting machine threads



If you would like to have a sale the cost of a table is £10 and you get to keep all the money you make (so you can buy more fabric......)!  If you only have a small amount to sell you could buddy up with a friend and pay £5 each.  Please see any member of the committee who will arrange a date to book you in at one of our "sit and sew" meetings.

Campden Quilters Shop

We have a wonderful quilters shop here at Campden Quilters where you can buy basics at a competitive price.  So if you break a needle, run out of thread, have a blunt rotary blade etc. etc. we can replace it for you!  Remember - Jenny also supplies 80-20 wadding 90" wide.  See home page for latest prices.

Jenny's Back to Basics Block of the Month 2022

Here are some of the completed Back To Basics quilts and we look forward to seeing more as 2023 progresses!




Christine Smith


Chris Smith

Angie Weaver